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Latest News on Ozzy

This Friday night!

The Palladia channel is going to air both the 'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne' documentary produced by Jack Osbourne at 8pm and the Black Sabbath 'Gathered in Their Masses' concert dvd at 10pm next Friday October 10th! 

 In Black Sabbath News...Published on Mar 26, 2014. In this full length interview, Geezer Butler and Terry Welty talk to EMGtv about recording with Black Sabbath and the gear he's using on tour. Geezer tells us how he was able to capture the classic tones we all know and love using his new signature EMG P Bass pickup, Lakland bass, DR strings and Hartke amp.


Black Sabbath....... Get the latest news on BLACK SABBATH



Rudy Sarzo discusses Randy's Cube 40 amp


A very cool link to Randy Rhoads Society , a F.B. page that has tons of cool stuff!


Randy Rhoads speaks after winning and remembered by Ozzy and Rudy,

Best Guitarist award 1988














Grammy Award for best Metal performance


Evening with Zakk Wylde Tour revealed

Ozzy And Black Sabbath set to record one more record and a tour to support LOUDWIRE

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